South Australian Place Names

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The 'unknown' southern coastline was familiar to Aboriginal communities which had their own place names. After the 1802-1803 voyage of exploration, French place names remain on the south-eastern coastline, the south coast of Kangaroo Island, and the West Coast - their discoveries.

Nicolas Baudin died on the return voyage to France, so Francois Peron recorded a report of the French expedition to Terres Australes. Only Volume 1 was completed, as Peron died in 1810. It is almost certain that Peron was responsible for the naming of many South Australian features after French scientists, artists and members of the expedition, including himself.

Louis de Freycinet drew up the charts and maps of the expedition. Baudin had been discredited by both early deserters of the expedition and the returning travellers, and French authorities were embarrassed by the apparent failure of the voyage. Freycinet bestowed his own choice of place names to South Australian locations, disregarding names that Baudin had recorded earlier.

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