The St. Francis islands are generally small. The longest of those that we saw during the afternoon is no more than 3 leagues from North to South and the others are much less. All are barren and without vegetation and appear to offer no resources for navigators. Most of the channels between them are obstructed by reefs which must make passing difficult, supposing them to be practicable. Only two of the islands seemed to us to offer a good passage, and 1 would have attempted to enter it, had the wind not been contrary to us. Since we coasted close in along seven of them, it was easy to judge the islands accurately. At three o' clock, being unable to double the one ahead of us, we went about and retraced our course, coasting them even more closely than we had done when going North. At six o'clock the rock that 1 have mentioned and the westernmost island came into view again and we took our point of departure from them for the course to follow during the night. The number of islands in the group is much larger than the charts indicate, and as I am planning to sail round them on the western side, I hope to be able to determine it.

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