THE 30TH- As the weather was fine on the morning of the 30th [29th-19 January], I had a rooster and two hens put ashore at the place where the water is collected. On this beach I likewise left a boar and sow to multiply and possibly be of use to future navigators in these regions. During the summer this island will be able to provide good refreshments for ships that want to stop here; and the anchorage seems to me to be sound enough for one to ride securely at it, provided the winds are not strongly from NorthEast, North or North-West. The sea then is very rough and choppy in it, but one can always set sail easily and return when the bad weather has passed.

During the day, with the help of the dogs, the hunters caught twelve giant kangaroos of various sizes. Seven of them were taken alive and were put in pens aboard the ship to be kept. Amongst these ones that we hope to carry back to our country, are three females which have offspring and may prosper. I shall try, before leaving, to obtain a full twenty live ones, so that we shall have better hope of keeping some throughout the voyage.

The weather was dull overnight and we occasionally had some violent gusts from East-North-East.

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